Kerala Land Records Modernization Mission was formed vide GO(Ms) 236/2018/Rev. Kerala Land Information Mission and Kerala State Land Bank were merged with the mission.

The mission is aimed at digital survey of the state, computerization of land records across Registration, Survey and Revenue departments and enable integrated online delivery of services related to land in line with the Digital INDIA Land Records Modernization Program under the Government of India. The mission aims at providing efficient and effective services to the people, conceptualization and implementation projects in connection with land use and management, online transfer of registry, implementation of digital survey, implementation of IT framework for land records management, IT enabled services and coordination between Registration, Revenue and Survey departments in the state.

The Governing Body for the mission consists of Chief Minister as the Chairman, and the Ministers for Revenue and Registration as Vice-Chairmen. Revenue Secretary is the Mission Secretary and Commissioner for Land Revenue is the Mission Director of the mission.